Carol Lee Mei Kuen

    "Under-layers" (Art in Hong Kong Project by Sino Group), OC Gallery and Central Plaza, Hong Kong

    It is a “pictorial journal”. Each piece of paper tells a story. Each piece of paper is a sentence and, at the same time, a drawing. A piece of paper forms a new story with another, changing the combination over and over again. Some of the stories are related, others are not, but they keep interacting with each other. It is a record of the period between December 2005 and June 2006: a record of my original and drifting state of mind. I browsed through fragments of faded memories, travelled between days of my childhood, and went beyond the present and the future. Going back and forth in the tunnel of time, the people and events I came across keep coming to my mind. There are not only memories, but also imagination; not only reality, but also dreams. The unconscious state records the complex emotions and the uncertain future. Loneliness, weakness, fear, entanglement, loss, anxiety, anger, desire, joy, satisfaction, happiness …. We have to face contradiction and bewilderment in life. This is the ever-flowing journey of the beginning and the end of life.