The works were represented by a diary using paper-newsprint, it is without any colors and materials, only the natural elements-Time & light. The paper is changed to yellow with each passing day and through this process records the passing of time. It is not only a visual diary but also a way of collecting time by measurement. Time is abstract. It is not visible, it cannot be caught nor does it have form or image. We know of its passing through sunrise and sunset. Marks, lines, voids, shapes and forms create abstract impressions on newsprint. This being the evidence of time.

Light transfers time, which is an abstract concept, making visual dialogues on newsprint. The time and sunlight destroy the paper everyday, while it also accumulates and creates new meaning on paper by the new images. It might be an abstract form or it may hold an image of something. Time and light reconstruct and evoke relationships of both people and objects through this process.

“Time and light are piled with contradictions and bewilderment; reconstruction and destruction become inseparable, the ever-flowing journey of the beginning and the end of life, until it reaches the otherness of eternity.”