Carol Lee Mei Kuen


Born in Hong Kong, Carol Lee started her studies of Chinese painting in 1983. She graduated from the Royal Melbourne Institute of Technology (RMIT) University in 2001 (programme co-presented with Hong Kong Art School) with a BA (Fine Arts) and was elected a member of the Golden Key International Honour Society (RMIT Chapter) in the same year. In 2007, Lee received her Master of Fine Arts from RMIT University (co-presented with Hong Kong Art School). Her works are collected by the Philippe Charriol Foundation, Alexander Tutsek-Stiftung Foundation of Germany, Lviv Glass Museum in Ukraine, M+ Museum, Hong Kong Heritage Museum, Hong Kong Arts Centre and other private collectors.

Solo Exhibitions


2023    "Told by the Soil - Stories of Victoria II: Colour Mining", HKOP Gallery, Hong Kong Open Printshop

2022    "Told by the Soil – Stories of Victoria", The Gallery of Hong Kong Art School, Hong Kong

2018    “Monologue of Time", Lumenvisum, Hong Kong

2016    “Remembering Days, Forgetting Time”, 10 Chancery Lane Gallery, Hong Kong

2015    “Remembering Days, Forgetting Time”, OCAT, Xi’an, China

2012    “Threads of Luminosity”, 10 Chancery Lane Gallery Project Space, Hong Kong

2010    “Intimacy”, 10 Chancery Lane Gallery, Hong Kong

2008    “Beyond。Luminosity”, Loft 21, Fotan, Hong Kong

2006    “Under-layers” (Art in Hong Kong Project by Sino Group), OC Gallery and Central Plaza, Hong Kong

2004    “To set fire and stir wind”, 10 Chancery Lane Gallery, Hong Kong


Group Exhibitions (Selection)


2022    “Transmigration” Lumenvisum, JCCAC, Hong Kong

2021    “Hong Kong Here and Beyond”, M+Museum, Hong Kong

2020    “20/20 Hong Kong Print Art Exhibition”, Hong Kong Heritage Museum

2018    “Art Travellers Exhibition Series III: Tracing Along The Green Blades”, APO LCSD

2017    "Carnival", Kong Art Space, Hong Kong

             “Dialogue across the years”, Lightscapes Project, RMIT University Melbourne

             Korean International Art Fair COEX Hall, Seoul Korean

2016    “In Search of | BALANCE”, Fukutake House Asia Art Platform, Setouchi Triennale 2016, Japan

2015    “Change-Seed”, CoCA Center on Contemporary Art, Seattle, USA

             “She has a Gloomy Dream”, Chai Wan Mei Festival, Hong Kong

             “Hong Kong Bestiary”, Platform China, Hong Kong

2014    “180 Degrees”, Chai Wan Mei Festival, Hong Kong

2013    “Intelligence Infinity: Inspiration through Art”, Hong Kong Heritage Museum

             “Sense Making”, Chai Wan Mei Festival, Hong Kong

             “Sense Making”, China House Gallery, Penang, Malaysia


2012    “ART HK 2012”, Hong Kong

             “Inside”, Esplanade, Singapore

2011    “1xSuitcase”, SPAM Art Gallery, Shanghai, China

             “1xSuitcase”, Alliance Française, Singapore

             “2011 GIAF (Gwanghwamoon International Art Festival), Sejong Cultural Centre, South Korea

             “2011 WOAF (Busan World Open Art Festival)”, South Korea

             “Forces”, 10 Chancery Lane Gallery, Hong Kong

             “ART HK 11”, Hong Kong

2010    “The 7th International Blown Glass Symposium Final Exhibition”, Lviv Glass Museum, Ukraine

             “The Next Station …”, Hong Kong Arts Centre

             “Back to Drawing”, Hong Kong Visual Arts Centre

2009    “Shore—International Literacy and Visual Art Exhibition” (Art in Hong Kong Project by Sino
             Group), Central Plaza, Hong Kong

2008    “Glass.China”, Alexander Tutsek-Stiftung Foundation, Munich, Germany

             “Interaction”, RMIT Gallery, Melbourne, Australia

             “New Horizons”, 10 Chancery Lane Gallery, Hong Kong

             “Master Mind” (MFA Graduation Show 2008), Hong Kong Arts Centre

             “Art Container Project Departure Exhibition”, West Kowloon Cultural District, Hong Kong

             “Beyond the Surface”, Macao Museum of Art

2007    “Ten Years of Images—A Gift to Hong Kong”, Too Art, Hong Kong Arts Centre

             “Till the End of the World”, 1a Space, Cattle Depot, Hong Kong

             “The Art of Beauty” (Presented by IPSA), Times Square, Hong Kong

2005    “Toys Story”, Too Art, Hong Kong Arts Centre

             “Schema: a traveller’s approach”, 1a Space, Cattle Depot, Hong Kong

2002    “Kai Zha” Open Studio Exhibition, Ming Pao Industrial Centre, Hong Kong

2001    “2001 Hong Kong Art Biennial Exhibition”, Hong Kong Museum of Art

             “Wo … Man”, Old Ladies House, Macao


Awards (Selection)


2009    Sending Love, selected by New York Corning Museum of Glass Review 2009

2008    Outstanding MFA Achievement Award, RMIT University, Australia

2007    Under-layers, Finalist of Chinese Abstract Painting Competition—Beyond the Surface,        
             Macao Museum of Art

2006    Robot’s Headache, selected by New York Corning Museum of Glass Review 2006

2005    Virtual and Reality—Flower, selected by New York Corning Museum of Glass Review 2005

2002    3D Puzzle—R, Finalist of the Siemens-RMIT Fine Arts Scholarship Award 2007, Australia

             Awakening, selected by17th Philippe Charriol Foundation Art Competition, Hong Kong

2001    My Childhood Game—One Two Three, selected by Hong Kong Art Biennial Exhibition, 2001

2000    Black and White, 2nd runner-up in painting group of 15th Philippe Charriol Foundation Art                  

             Competition, Hong Kong

1999    Flowers on Fire, selected by the 9th Chinese National Art Exhibition, China

1997    Finalist of the World Chinese Calligraphy and Painting Exhibition, China

1995    Daffodils, selected by the 9th Chinese Contemporary Competition of Art Exhibition, China
            (Flower Section)

1994    First runner-up of the National Peaceful Cup Art Competition, China




2015              Artist residency at Academy of Visual Arts, Hong Kong Baptist University

2010              Artist residency at Lviv National Academy of Arts, Ukraine

2008              Vice-Convener, Art Container Project, Hong Kong

2006-2008    Gallery Consultant, Too Art, Hong Kong

2004-2006    Gallery Founder and Art Project Coordinator, Too Art, Hong Kong

2002              Organiser, “Kai Zha” Open Studio Exhibition, Hong Kong




2015    Light Years in Letters – A Postcard Project, Asia One Product & Publishing Ltd.

2010    Threads of Luminosity, MCCM Creations


李美娟在香港出生,1983年起學習中國繪畫。2001年畢業於澳洲皇家墨爾本理工大學(課程與香港藝術學院合辦),獲文學士(純藝術)學位,同年獲選為Golden Key International Honour Society (RMIT Chapter) 會員,其後於2007年修畢皇家墨爾本理工大學藝術碩士課程(與香港藝術學院合辦)。其作品為夏利豪基金會、德國Alexander Tutsek-Stiftung Foundation、烏克蘭Lviv玻璃博物館、M+博物館、香港文化博物館、香港藝術中心及私人收藏。



2023   “維城淨土 II - 煉土採色”,HKOP Gallery, 香港版畫工作室

2022   “維城淨土”,香港藝術學院藝廊,香港

2018   “時間獨白”,光影作坊,香港

2016   “記事忘年”,10號贊善里畫廊計劃空間,香港

2015   “記事忘年”,OCAT(OCT當代藝術中心)西安館,中國

2012   “走在光年線上”,10號贊善里畫廊計劃空間,香港

2010   “親密”,10 Chancery Lane Gallery,香港

2008   “光影。別處”,火炭21號閣樓,香港

2006   “下一層”(信和集團香港藝術主辦),OC藝廊及中環廣場,香港

2004   “煽風點火”,10 Chancery Lane Gallery,香港




2022   “輪流轉”,光影作坊,香港

2021   “香港:此地彼方”,M+,香港

2020   “20/20香港版畫圖像藝術展”,香港文化博物館

2018   “藝術旅人展覽系列三:採綠遊蹤”,香港康樂及文化事務署 

2017   “Carnival”, Kong Art Space,香港

            “隔空對話”,Lightscape Project,澳洲皇家墨爾本理工

            Korean International Art Fair, COEX Hall 首爾, 韓國

2016   “尋找平衡點",「瀨戶內國際藝術祭2016」 之 「FUKUTAKE HOUSE亞洲藝術平台」,日本

2015   “Change-Seed”,CoCA Center on Contemporary Art,美國西雅圖



2014   “180度",柴灣尾藝術節,香港

2013   “藝想天開:啟迪潛能之旅",香港文化博物館

            “Sense Making”,柴灣尾藝術節,香港

            “Sense Making”,China House Gallery,馬來西亞檳城


2012   “ART HK 2012”,香港


2011   “1xSuitcase”,SPAM Art Gallery,中國上海


            “2011 GIAF (Gwanghwamoon International Art Festival)”,世宗文化會館,南韓

            “2011 WOAF (Busan World Open Art Festival)”,南韓

            “Forces”,10 Chancery Lane Gallery,香港

            “ART HK 11”,香港

2010   “The 7th International Blown Glass Symposium Final Exhibition”,Lviv 玻璃博物館,烏克蘭




2009   “岸──國際文學與視藝展”(信和集團香港藝術主辦),中環廣場,香港

2008   “Glass.China”,Alexander Tutsek-Stiftung Foundation,德國慕尼黑  


            “New Horizons”,10 Chancery Lane Gallery,香港

            “Master Mind”(純藝術碩士2008年畢業展),香港藝術中心



2007   “十年‘相’象──給香港的禮物”,香港藝術中心二樓原作



2005   “童玩童心”,香港藝術中心二樓原作


2002   “開閘”工作室開放及展覽,明報工業中心,香港

2001   “香港藝術雙年展2001”,香港藝術館





2009    《送上愛》,入選美國康寧玻璃美術館年刊

2008    澳洲皇家墨爾本理工大學藝術碩士課程傑出成就獎

2007    《下一層》,入選“超以象外─中國抽象繪畫作品徵集”,澳門藝術博物館

2006    《機械人的煩惱》,入選美國康寧玻璃美術館年刊

2005    《虛擬真實──花》,入選美國康寧玻璃美術館年刊

2002    《難題多面體》,西門子-皇家墨爾本理工大學純藝術獎學金年獎入圍作品,澳洲


2001    《我的兒時遊戲──跳飛機》,入選第13屆香港藝術雙年展

2000    《黑與白》,第15屆香港夏利豪基金藝術比賽繪畫組別第三名

1999    《森林之火》,入選第九屆中國全國美術邀請展

1997    入選全國華人書畫大賽

1995    《水仙》,入選第九屆中國全國花鳥邀請展

1994    獲中國國際和平杯二等獎




2015              香港浸會大學視覺藝術院駐場藝術家

2010              Lviv National Academy of Arts駐場藝術家,烏克蘭

2008              藝術貨櫃計劃副召集人,香港

2006-2008    二樓原作畫廊諮詢人,香港

2004-2006    二樓原作畫廊創辦人及藝術統籌,香港

2002              “開閘"工作室開放及展覽策劃人,香港




2015    《時光信札—一個名信片計劃》,Asia One Product & Publishing Ltd.

2010    《走在光年線上》,MCCM Creations