Carol Lee Mei Kuen

"Gallant Garden", 2003

"Robot's Headache", selected by New York Corning Museum of Glass Review, 2006

"Red Rain is Coming to the Sea", exhibited in Lviv Glass Museum, Ukraine, 2010

"Virtual and Reality - Flowers", selected by New York Corning Museum of Glass Review, 2005

"Timeless Regret - Mother's Chair", exhibited in Alexander Tutsek-Stiftung Foundation, Munich, Germany, 2008

"Cannot Fly", 2011

"Once Upon a Time", exhibited inToo Art, Hong Kong Arts Centre, 2006

"Let Dream Go", exhibited in Hong Kong, 2008

"Sending Love", selected by New York Corning Museum of Glass Review, 2009

"Others, Elsewhere", exhibited in

10 Chancery Lane Gallery Project Space, Hong Kong, 2012

The material actually transfers the clear piece window-glass by the revertex material. The glass often most is attractive is the color and the insightful feeling, but I actually select the clear piece glass, the main reason is the clear piece glass is the daily life material; Has the close relations with the life. The glass transparent feeling, the penetration glass perspective watches the intraocular world; Wants to be separated by between glass this matter, paces back and forth in the contradiction. But the glass reflection physical property, reflects the peripheral environment, makes the hypothesized image. Furthermore the glass characteristic is hard, but brittle; Is one kind of vulnerable material. The work unified the glass to be transparent, brittle, the reflection... The physical property for creates the material, constructs the construction toy — 'the flower petal' the manifestation combines, the juxtaposition in the nature environment, synthesizes the work series by the romantic expression technique group — 'the flower and the grass', 'the flower and the tree', 'the flower and the dead wood', 'the flower and the ocean waves and the reef' four subassemblies. The nature has its independency, is in human can control, is solid. But spend originally is a natural part. But in the work with the natural paragenesis actually is the glass flower petal, has made the beautiful pseudomorph. The nature with the non-relativity, joyful said the human desire constructs the construction natural desire the performance. Adds on the glass reflection peripheral environment, the manufacture multilayer different false picture. The work drifts away between the nature and the non-nature, individual desire and frail between, is real and hypothesized between... And so on; Is romantic and in the beautiful world.